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[closed] String Merge's Python Solutions

My similar solution for String Merge problem in January challenge got TLE, which otherwise in other languages got AC. I thought I needed to implement the sub-quadratic algorithm for LCS to get AC and spent my time learning how to do so, while in other languages you are getting AC with the DP quadratic algorithm for LCS. Please @admin consider rejudging Python solutions, so that it does not affect the rating of users like me very adversely.

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asked 15 Jan '18, 20:49

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closed 15 Jan '18, 22:11

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Resolved" by vijju123 15 Jan '18, 22:11

Please @ admin, do look into this problem. I could not find one submission which got 100 points in Python for this problem.


answered 15 Jan '18, 21:50

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Python isnt very advisable for competitive programming. I will ping her about the issue, but usually its seen as competitors incompetency for not choosing the correct language for the task. For harder questions, python is often at a disadvantage because its not so fast as C++. If you like python, you should try out JAVA, you will love that too, and JAVA is aptly used for competitive coding often.

Pinging her about your request.


answered 15 Jan '18, 21:53

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Thanks a lot. I understand your point of view.

Next time, I will make sure to implement my solution in C/C++ in cases like this. It is just that beginners like me start with Python and O(n^2) solution for n as large as 5000, did not seem suitable for the 1s time limit to me.

(15 Jan '18, 22:05) piyush_ravi1★

The thing is, python cannot execute ${10}^{7}$ instructions in 1 second. For your solution, it needs more than 2.5 seconds of time just for the loop- much more if you used recursion.

Thank you for understanding the PoV. I talked to @admin about this. Your proposal is denied, sorry. For the same reasons I mentioned (this is what any other website's admin would have done too, so it was a standard/expected reply. I request you to focus on what you learnt and apply it in future to gain an edge over other competitors of yours. All the best :) )

(15 Jan '18, 22:10) vijju123 ♦♦5★

No problem! Thanks for considering my request :)

(15 Jan '18, 23:05) piyush_ravi1★

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