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Kayaks - Runtime Error C++

I tried my best to optimize it. But, it still shows runtime error. Please help.

My Code Link:

asked 14 Jun '12, 11:45

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edited 25 Jun '12, 13:01

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You don't need optimizations to get rid of the current error. You are getting a Rumtime error SIGSEGV. See the reasons why you could get a SIGSEGV

        cin>>a[i][1];//w    Strength

In the lines above you are accessing the array elements a[i][0], a[i][1] and i could be as large as n and n<=10^5. But your array declaration is just a[10][3] hence you will end up making some invalid memory access after i crosses 10 resulting in a SIGSEGV.


answered 14 Jun '12, 12:01

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