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Weak Test Case for the Jan Lunchtime Question L56GAME

Test case
Accepted Solutions giving answer 2.
Submissions giving wrong answer.
@admin For Cakewalk Questions,these corner cases are good to break ties.

asked 28 Jan '18, 01:48

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edited 28 Jan '18, 02:40

Even I agree with this. I've seen a lot of submissions which didn't bother about this case. Had this case also been in their judge, most of the submissions would have got a WA verdict in their first attempts and given that this is a short contest (time-based ranklist), most of the participants would have had a (+/- 10) ranks atleast.

Now that the contest is over and the ratings also got updated, I think codechef can't do anything regarding this.

PS: Well, I took care of the corner case also. So, I might have had a slightly better rank too. But no worries, all these are common in learning and experience. :P


answered 28 Jan '18, 11:01

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Cook-off also had a weak test case in 1 problem. This time again weak test cases and codechef can't do anything.

(28 Jan '18, 12:57) manishkc4★
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