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Ratings over Learning?


Well, codechef aimed to bring a renaissance in the Indian Competitive Programming. It has done it to a certain extent. Codechef has been trying hard. Codechef visits school/colleges reimburse the students for ICPC, it even has a "Go For Gold Program". Most of us know that codechef hosts three contest every month, namely Long (lasting 10 days), Cook-off (ICPC style contest), Lunchtime (IOI style contest).

Now, let's come to the main point! Codechef though tried hard to bring the renaissance by hosting contests every month, but it also gave air to some cheaters. Cheaters, I personally think it is a wrong word. These people should be called thieves. Some participants literally sit on ideone during the live contest like scavengers on a hunt, as soon as they find a code that fits the sample input or output format of a question in the contest. BAM!! COPY -> Tab Switch-> Click on Submit button->PASTE->SUBMIT->AC. We see these people rising up on the rank list and wonder like these people must be working so hard. But when I open the code after the contest I find the person is cheating. Some players have been consistently cheating in short contest and codechef has happily increased their rating, this gave my heart and my will a blow. What's the point of doing that toil when you have an easy way? Well, my brain says it would not do any good to my skills so I refrain myself from doing anything wrong. But then, these things go unnoticed. Do I want to ask the admin when would these things stop? When would codechef really do the work it aimed for? In fact, once I read an article on Quora asking, "Why do a lot of successful competitive programmers not participate actively on CodeChef but participate often on sites like TopCoder and Codeforces?". I felt really bad about what Bohdan Pryshchenko wrote about people of my country. Well, since the cheaters are solely responsible for the blame, you guys do not catch such entries. Participants gain confidence and they tend to do these things again. Well, here are some links:

Question Name: [Multiple of 3]

Contest Name: January Cook-Off 2018

Solution 1: ii_siddharth

Solution 2: shreycoder123

Question Name: [Chef and Escaping from the Labyrinth]

Contest Name: January Lunchtime 2018

Solution 1: ii_siddharth

Solution 2: gahoi

Well, if this was not enough then old god knows how will you come up with world-class system and a platform which shall help to create wonderful programmers!


Just reducing the ratings by 1000 or something similar would be like cutting a slack to cheaters like these. The punishment should be to ban the account straight away.

@admin @vijju123 @ista2000 @kingofnumbers

asked 31 Jan, 00:11

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Please guys have a sense of difference between answer and comment. If all you want to say is "Great job" dude, then please make it as a comment. Makes job easier for us. Thank yoy :)

(07 Feb, 21:06) vijju123 ♦5★

This is how a newbie learns :)

(07 Feb, 21:13) rohitthapliyal2★

123next »

Thanks for reporting. They will be added to the list.

From what we all heard last from @admin regarding this, she said that the functionalities required for penalization are under renovation and are still being worked on. So you will need a bit of patience. We all apologize for that.

Rest assured, we guarantee that sooner or later these people will be penalized, and the new system of penalty will have feature of banning accounts for cheating/being-caught-fr-plagiarism X (expected to be 3) number of times.

Hope this addresses your concerns. :)


answered 31 Jan, 00:55

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5★vijju123 ♦
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Well this is weird. How has such blatant plagiarism not been detected by Moss ? And how exactly did you get to this particular guy ? I have seen a few people who have been detected by Moss test and their ranks have changed but ratings have not (due to the rating recalculation stuff still in development as @vijju123 once told me), but in case of this guy even ranks haven't changed, meaning that he wasn't detected by Moss test. Weird, Weird..


answered 01 Feb, 03:27

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Why do people post any of their code online (Ideone, Pastebin, etc.) DURING a contest? They should just save and execute it on their computer if they want to test the code, and after contest is over, upload it wherever they like in case they would like to save their solutions for later.

Some penalty (small) should also be there for the one whose solution gets copied, since it is not acceptable to post your code publicly during a contest.

EDIT: While systems like Stanford's MOSS can detect direct copy-paste codes, it is necessary to remember that those who know basic programming also, can take the code and just change the structure of the program a bit (like moving some code over to a function) and get by without getting detected.

I mean to say once a solution is publicly available, there are definitely ways to copy it without getting detected. So, it is necessary to discourage public availability of solutions. Maybe it can begin by improving CodeChef's own IDE, which is horribly slow, during the contests.


answered 01 Feb, 11:25

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I used ideone because my system not working properly, the mistake i made was, I forgot to make code private, I got into plagarism because of some people like them who are searching for the code on online ide

(01 Feb, 13:15) codex01961★

@codex0196 I think that Ideone is not a good option, as its default setting is Public, and trying to quickly test your code, it is very likely that you forget to make code private.

I think there must be some alternate online IDE which is better in this regard.

(01 Feb, 15:48) swapnilrustagi4★

There are many better options than ideone in this regard. Codechef IDE, or any other website's ide which lets you test code should serve the purpose.

(01 Feb, 20:32) vijju123 ♦5★

Codechef ide being slow during short contests- thats not the issue of IDE but of submission queue. The code we compile, and the codes submitted for problems goto same judge- so if problems have some queue then your code gonna take some time.

That said, I suggest trying out ide of other sites like codeforces.

(01 Feb, 20:39) vijju123 ♦5★

Running code in code-section of any hackerrank problem is the best.

(01 Feb, 21:04) rohitthapliyal2★

or running the code in codeforces custom invocation. its also best and i seem to use it frequently

(04 Feb, 14:55) vikaskodag984★
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@ii_siddharth, okay little girl, let us start with some stats. You have attempted over 7 live competitions on codechef, out of which, codechef caught you on 2 and the author of this post caught you in the other two. That makes 4/7. Pretty cool huh?
You truly said, no one is dumb out here except you, it's you who has been caught red handed and are still trying to prove yourself clean. I mean Yeah, we get the point, PASS!. "Think twice"? We have seen it four times. You're even more dumb that after knowing codechef applies MOSS, you still cheated. If not, then prove the credibility of this post. According to you billy boy, the other user went 10 minutes ahead of time, hacked into your system, stole the codes of a contest meant for school students preparing for IOI, traveled back in time 10 minutes back and submitted it! Bravo, the other contestant could have caused much harm, but to his evil, he just stole the program. Here's a little advise for you, think four times before either making typos or cheating in the future, because it just takes a little effort to prove it.


answered 01 Feb, 19:19

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The topic @worldunique is talking about has already been raised by @triveni in and first of all geeksforgeeks does not have the answer on it, they only have the approaches. If YOU still find any article on Geeksforgeeks or any other portal relevant to the question, it is expected from you to first understand the concept before simply going for the question. Sometimes a question can be solved by more than one approach. But still the code of two people cannot be same. @admin, this case is serious and must be dealt with stiffness.


answered 31 Jan, 05:51

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Harsh, but true.


answered 31 Jan, 18:20

hahahahahasad's gravatar image

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Using online ide is not a good choice, I cought into plagiarism and CodeChef penalizing me for the crime I didn't even committed. I got into plagarism with someone I dont even know and my only fault was is that I used online ide.
@mohit_negi did a very good work and cought users like them.


answered 01 Feb, 08:28

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I gave up many night's sleep to get to yellow in January long, and it is sad to know that there are users who reach the same level with zero efforts.


answered 01 Feb, 09:36

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We need A Wall of Shame kinda concept for CodeChef as well. Why would anyone use ideone when codechef has its own? And at the end ratings have no value if you dont have the corresponding knowledge.


answered 01 Feb, 12:41

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That will be a good concept. Atleast next time someone think twice before coping someone code. I used ideone because many time codechef ide not function properly

(01 Feb, 13:17) codex01961★

Its very sad to see people doing this just to show how cool they are, but the real thing is they know nothing and they should be banned from CodeChef. He is one of the many, just imagine how many people are doing this. Shame on them


answered 31 Jan, 16:55

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