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Broken Clock last subtask

How can I reduce the complexity of my code so that last subtask passes. Link to my code :-

asked 13 Feb '18, 23:38

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The loop which is running for i =2 to t-1 should be removed, and matrix exponentiation can be used, which reduces complexity to O(log t). cos(N∗X)=2∗cos(X)∗cos((N−1)∗X)−cos((N−2)∗X), this can be solved by matrix exponentiation.


answered 13 Feb '18, 23:53

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edited 14 Feb '18, 00:01

cos(N∗X)=2∗cos(X)∗cos((N−1)∗X)−cos((N−2)∗X). How can I solve this using matrix exponentiation

(14 Feb '18, 00:03) kunal123★

Consider cos(nx) to be F(n). Therefore F(n)=aF(n-1)-F(n-2), (where a=2cos(x)) this is a linear recurrence. Now this can be solved by matrix exponentiation. For matrix exponentiation goto this link.

(14 Feb '18, 00:07) akshat985★
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