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[closed] Wrongly Caught in plagiarism

Respected @admin,i just recieved an email telling that i was caught under plagiarism in FEB18 long challenge .

It was for the 10th sum,where i took the code from hackerrank as it was asked in some past contest of hackerrank.However i did mention it in my code the link of that website.I made 2 submissions the first in which i forgot to write the reference,however i immediately made the 2nd submission with reference written on top.

Submission page(u can see the timings of submission):,vivek_1998299

First submission:

Second submission(with reference written on top):

I really love codechef and like to help the community ,please be fair with me and restore the ratings.

(And yeah the other person (who's code matched with me) is from allahbad ,there's no way i'll know him)

(I had email but didn't got any reply)

Thank you!!

asked 21 Feb '18, 01:41

vivek_1998299's gravatar image

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closed 16 Mar '18, 16:46

You replied back to her on mail?

(21 Feb '18, 02:07) vijju123 ♦♦5★


(21 Feb '18, 02:08) vivek_19982996★

Shouldn't be any issue then. :)

(21 Feb '18, 02:09) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Is this a plagariasm?

(21 Feb '18, 02:10) vivek_19982996★

Since you gave the link, its not. If she doesnt reply, ping me and I will check the status with her.

(21 Feb '18, 02:14) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Sigh of relief.Thank you so much mate!!!

(21 Feb '18, 02:15) vivek_19982996★

I also used the same code, but I pasted the link of the editorial(having the code) instead. I think that would have been better.

(21 Feb '18, 13:03) avi2244★

@vijju123 i still haven't received any email.Could u please check the status with her?

(21 Feb '18, 20:49) vivek_19982996★

I already did that hours ago before you said :p . Once she is done with her verification and made the decision, she will reply to you guys either via mail or here.

(21 Feb '18, 21:49) vijju123 ♦♦5★

How much more time will it take to update ratings?I mean its really being too long.Please @admin update it fast..

(15 Mar '18, 22:56) vivek_19982996★
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by vivek_1998299 16 Mar '18, 16:46

As per my experience if you give a feedback of wrongly being caught in plagiarism, the ratings will be restored. Took some time in my case as well but they make sure that ratings are restored.


answered 21 Feb '18, 14:08

atul1910's gravatar image

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Exactly the same thing happened with me. In my first AC submission I forgot to give the reference link, then I immediately made the second submission with the reference link on top. Also quite surprisingly the mail I received says my code matches with @vivek_1998299 's aforementioned code. Hope that everything will be sorted out soon. :)


answered 21 Feb '18, 19:41

ayan_nitd's gravatar image

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edited 21 Feb '18, 20:27


oooooh hehehe!!!!

(21 Feb '18, 20:11) vivek_19982996★

xD Have you got any reply from their side?

(21 Feb '18, 20:12) ayan_nitd4★

probably if u take any two submission for 50 pts there is a very high probability that they will match.

(21 Feb '18, 20:13) vivek_19982996★

Exactly, most of the 50 pts submissions used that editorial code only.

(21 Feb '18, 20:14) ayan_nitd4★

@ayan_nitd nope no reply

(21 Feb '18, 20:30) vivek_19982996★

Same thing has happened to me too. I never used any online IDE and except the FAST IO Template every single line of my code doesn't match with this person still I have failed MOSS Test. It has 1 month since I mailed them but haven't received any reply from them. I am pretty sure other person has also not copied my code because his logic seems to be pretty different from mine. Other person with whom my code matched is like from a different college and city.

My Code

His Code

My Sumbission History

His Submission History

If something is wrong here please tell else I would like to request to please restore my submissions and rank.


answered 24 Feb '18, 21:19

ritwikshanker's gravatar image

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@vijju123 can you please forward my request.

(27 Feb '18, 00:12) ritwikshanker5★

It was already done two-three days ago. I will update once she replies.

(27 Feb '18, 00:26) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Can anyone tell that are we allowed to use that template or not?

(02 Mar '18, 00:28) ritwikshanker5★

Fast I/O template never caused the issue. Rules allow to use codes which have been put on net before contest.

PS: She just messaged me that shes looking into your request now. If MOSS caught you just due to template, then sit back and chill, its codechef's headache to restore your submission once you gave your arguments.

(02 Mar '18, 00:38) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@vijju123, bro where can i find rule book for plagiarism? i am very much confused about it

(05 May '18, 20:10) hemant_dhanuka5★

Its just the contest rules at the end of contest page afaik.

(05 May '18, 20:17) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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@admin please take a look,and atleast tell till when will the ratings be update.


answered 24 Feb '18, 23:46

vivek_1998299's gravatar image

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She has taken the look. She is looking over the matter. Its hard to give a time because her job can take more time than expected (deciding some cases takes time.). But your query is noted, dont worry.

(24 Feb '18, 23:49) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Thanx codechef to restore my submissions,though ratings are not updated(but i know u'll do that :) ).And sorry if i spoke in wrong tone.

Thanx again!!

edit: And yeah,thanks @vijju123 :)


answered 16 Mar '18, 16:45

vivek_1998299's gravatar image

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edited 16 Mar '18, 16:47


I am glad it worked. I reminded her again this morning, perhaps she got fed up from my persistence? :p :3 XD

(16 Mar '18, 19:10) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Thanx mate!!

(16 Mar '18, 19:20) vivek_19982996★

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