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ZUBREACH - Editorial



Author: Kazi Hasan Zubaer

Editorialist: Bhavya Agarwal






The aim is to find the final position with the information about his movements.


As mentioned in the problem the initially the person is at the origin and the information about his movements is given in the form of :

U - Up
D - Down
R - Right
L - Left

Or, more clearly

U indicates a move that increases position along y-axis by 1
D indicates a move that decreases position along y-axis by 1
R indicates a move that increases position along x-axis by 1
L indicates a move that decreases position along x-axis by 1

So, first we need to declare two variables px and py to track the movement of the person in x-axis and y-axis respectively axis and assign them to 0 as initial position is 0. With the given constraints they can be int.

px = 0;
py = 0;

Then for the length of movement, l and a character x.

    for i = 1 to l do
       read x
       if (x = U) then
          py = py + 1
       if (x = D) then
          py = py - 1
       if (x = R)
          px = px + 1
       if (x = L)
          px = px - 1

After calculating the final position we need to find at which part the person is that is at

Relative's Position(rx, ry)

Dangerous Position(x, y) where x > m or x < 0 or y > n or y < 0

Somewhere(x, y) where 0 ≤ x ≤ m and 0 ≤ y ≤ n

Since we also need to output the no. of case we can initialize a variable i to 1 and increment it after every test case.


Can be found here.

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