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how can these solutions pass time limit and codechef do u really check how much plagarism is there in long challenge ..

asked 12 Mar '18, 17:39

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time complexity is actually $O(N\log{MAX})$, where MAX is maximum number in the array. Refer to this explanation TIME COMPLEXITY EXPLANATION.

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answered 13 Mar '18, 13:24

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edited 13 Mar '18, 13:26

The complexity may seem O(n^2) but is actually around O(nlogn) since whatever input you try, the maximum number of total votes would be around nlogn. Try to come up with a test case that would give TLE on these codes and you'll realize why it's true.

The reason why you're getting runtime error on ideone is because you're printing 10^5 integers which is more than the allowed output size on ideone. Try it on an offline compiler or just comment out the final print statements and it would work.


answered 13 Mar '18, 01:17

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if u remove the if statement

there are 2 simple for loops with with each one running and the difference bw i and j is just two everytime

why isn't this loop is simple

for(ll i=0;i<n;++i){

    for(ll j=i+2;j<n;++j){

        cout<<"hello ";


(13 Mar '18, 01:45) square_root_pi0★

Whats your point all the solution that u have linked above seems right and the time limit is generally 1 sec you assume u can do 10^8 operation per sec so 10^6 is fine. And about the plagiarism issue all the solutions are checked for plagiarism after contest.


answered 12 Mar '18, 17:50

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n can be as large as 100000 in the loop

  for( i=0; i<(n); i++)
        if(i+1 < n)

        for( j=i+2; j<n; j++)

} how u see that it will pass time limit

here is a possible case

take n = 10^5 fill each element by 259


(12 Mar '18, 18:10) square_root_pi0★
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