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Here is the link to question : Link to my solution :

While submitting the solution, it's showing sigsegv error which occurs due to invalid memory referrence but I don't see that happening in my code. I have already tried for more than a hour to fix it but to no avail. Can someone please help me find it?


asked 12 Mar, 22:39

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Why are you using const in

bool comp(const node l,const node r) {
    return l.cost < r.cost;

second, you are using long long int at every place which you don't need to.

and you are using

lld root(lld nodes) {
if (parent[nodes] != nodes)
    parent[nodes] = root(parent[nodes]);
return parent[nodes];

which might call recursively many time itself maybe causing that error.

use only int main() instead of int main(void)


answered 12 Mar, 23:59

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edited 13 Mar, 00:00

That is not the case because when I replace my edge array with vector it passed which simply signifies that comp and root function don't have any bug!

(13 Mar, 14:42) kaneki134★
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