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Can anyone help me with Task on String Counting from MNM Online Programming Contest?

Hello friends can someone tell me how to approach this problem ??

My solution :: Approach was to make a list of all possible permutations and then check for it's presence in the string given but it 's giving wrong answer .

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Thanks in advance :)

asked 14 Mar '18, 16:21

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edited 14 Mar '18, 16:44

Since we want to count frequency of any permutation of W, we just need to check for frequecny of each element.

See, if w is "aaab", then our answer will be number of stubstring of s of length 4, which have same frequency of all characters. This can be done using sliding window and frequency array.

Ur solution is correct, but very slow. Also, u need to count occurances. Increase answer by no of occurances of i in b, not by 1.


answered 14 Mar '18, 16:54

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Will look into it.

(14 Mar '18, 17:41) harrypotter04★
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