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Confusion in complexity of buidling a merge sort tree

A normal segment tree is a full binary tree and it has n leaf nodes and n-1 internal nodes. Hence, 2*n-1 nodes in total. So, for building a segment tree, the value of every node is calculated once so complexity is O(n).

But for a merge sort tree, we combine the sorted vectors from current node's left and right child using O(n) two-pointer merge. We do this for every non-leaf node, so why the overall build complexity of merge sort tree is not O(n*n)?

asked 22 Mar '18, 12:35

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To merge left and right child you do consume $O(n)$ time but it's not always a tight bound.

For example at root you need $O(n)$ time but at it's child you need $O(n/2)$ time ( though you can say it's also $O(n)$ but that's not a tight bound)

The equation for time is $$T(n) = 2T(n/2) + O(n)$$ $$T(n) = O(n + 2.\frac{n}{2} + 4.\frac{n}{4}...........)$$ $$T(n) = O(n + n + ......... + n)$$

where n comes inside $\log{n}$ times.

So, the time complexity $$T(n)= O(n\log{n})$$


answered 22 Mar '18, 13:47

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