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How to solve road repair problem from SPOJ?

Please provide detailed explanation on how to solve IITWPC4I - Petya and Repairment of Roads from spoj.

asked 05 Apr '18, 08:10

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Can you please look into it.

(03 May '18, 09:36) arpit7281★

Read this carefully ->>> "Note that a milkmen does not need to go to some other milkmen for milk as he can take milk from his own home. ". Now we can connect milkmen with a zero weight edge and calculate MST of the resulting answer. In this way each home will be connected to a milkmen with minimum cost. Hope it helps!


answered 05 Apr '18, 22:14

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why can't we simply ignore edges between two milkmen.

(11 Apr '18, 23:20) arpit7281★

Kruskal's algorithm will do the trick.


answered 25 Apr '18, 12:20

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I am getting wrong answer, my solution

(25 Apr '18, 22:23) arpit7281★
(26 Apr '18, 00:17) arpit7281★
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