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[closed] Damn, what just happened !!!

What just happened right now ?? One of my friends called me and asked me to check my CodeChef account.

When I did, I was literally surprised. The rating distribution bar chart changed its form completely.

However, in my case, it is still a mystery. I am penalised for an identical solution submitted by someone called @kapil_srivatsa, who lives in Chandigarh, over 1700 km away from where I live.

My solution for

His solution:

Identical, isn't it?

  1. How on earth could he possibly obtain my code, when I code completely offline, on Netbeans, in my personal laptop.
  2. His submission date is 10.11.17 while mine is on 04.11.17. Even if someone has to be penalised, then why me? He used some unfair means (I don't know what) to obtain my solution and submitted it after almost a week.

asked 04 May '18, 13:33

sarthakmanna's gravatar image

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closed 28 Jun '18, 17:15


Rating ka bharta bann gaya xD

(04 May '18, 21:06) ista2000 ♦4★

@ista2000 XD

I just wanted to ask the @admin on how the plagiarism detection actually works because I have seen solutions of 2 people (will not disclose the names) which are exactly the same but they haven't yet got any rating drops.

So, if they can provide us few details on it then that would be really appreciable.

(04 May '18, 21:41) shraeyas3★

Nobody is spared today by "Plagiarism Hammer". Even Moderator. Even Top Contributors. XD.

"Rating ka bharta bann gaya xD" P.S. This comment made me laugh most. Took 2 minutes to control laugh.

(04 May '18, 22:06) aryanc4035★

This time div2 is really gonna be interesting xD

(04 May '18, 22:22) vivek_19982996★

And div1 gonna be very, very lonely :/

(04 May '18, 22:24) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Why ain't there any prizes for the Div2 participants? I am starting to feel comfortable in Div2. ;)

(05 May '18, 00:56) sarthakmanna6★

@sarthakmanna- So that Div1 guys dont get too comfortable and obessed with div2, and decide to remain there forever intentionally.

(05 May '18, 01:12) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Wish list reset : Get to Div 1 in Codechef - Unmarked xD

(05 May '18, 12:10) dishant_185★
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Issue resolved." by sarthakmanna 28 Jun '18, 17:15

On 1st Feb,2018 I received a mail from codechef that my rating will be dropped because one of my solutions from january cook-off is similar to @pankajgarg9211 code. When I checked both solutions for the reason, it was both of us code in java and use fast i/o reader which I took from geeksforgeeks. Other than that the question had no major logic that may require different approach. I gave a proper justification to the mail with all the reasoning why i should not be penalized but I got no reply and my rating were dropped too. It took me 4 months to get to 4 star and now suddenly I am 1 star that too without any mistake. Please help @admin @vijju123 .


answered 08 May '18, 13:43

ujjwal8571's gravatar image

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I think you should add problem link and soln link while posting things like this.. according to me...

(28 Jun '18, 20:22) l_returns4★

OH GOD, i am Safe from "Plagiarism Hammer"
i never used online IDE (i always used netbeans on my system) so safe from that side..
but i have some doubts--

  1. i always use this Fast I/O in Java in Competitive Programming from geeksforgeeks website for taking input faster in java.. Or if someOne else copied that code from geeksforgeeks and used in his/her code, than what?(codechef will also caught me in case of plagiarism?)

2. I have one scenario in my mind-- for example, while solving long challenge problem, if i lernt any new concept from net (assume GFG).. SO what to do then?

       1.. use directly that gfg part code in my long challenge code and give refrence to that net part..? OR
       2.. modified that gfg code in such a way, that plagrism detector can not detect it is used from outside

answered 05 May '18, 14:16

hemant_dhanuka's gravatar image

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edited 05 May '18, 20:26


@hemant_dhanuka One suggestion Give attribute and link of website from where you have copied. You will always be safe from Plagiarism Hammer

(05 May '18, 14:35) aryanc4035★

You will not be safe. I have gone under the plagiarism once for this thing only. I recommend you to change a bit in that FAST/IO.

(05 May '18, 17:09) ritwikshanker5★

Give attribute will only save you. @ritwikshanker you have not given attributes hence caught.

(05 May '18, 17:35) aryanc4035★

@ritwikshanker - Did you reply with this justification to her that the code is from GFG? Are you penalized for this thing only?

(05 May '18, 19:48) vijju123 ♦♦5★

can anyOne share sample of submitted code which was taken from net and attribute declared ..

(05 May '18, 20:12) hemant_dhanuka5★ There a lot of differences. But to be on secure side. This is how I provided attribution. In comments you can also mention some explanation If you think you will be caught by MOSS test.

And If you always use fast I/O code. Then you can add attributes in you template.

(05 May '18, 23:47) aryanc4035★

You should 1.. use directly that gfg part code in my long challenge code and give refrence to that net part.. Because this is best and you will be safe if proper reference is there.

(05 May '18, 23:48) aryanc4035★
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I got a message that they are dropping ratings for feb18,but this thing was already sorted out,as i wasn't found guilty,and they also restored my submissions back then,so why again this?

@vijju123 plz if possible see into this


answered 05 May '18, 14:09

vivek_1998299's gravatar image

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"This time div2 is really gonna be interesting xD" xD

(05 May '18, 17:35) abdullah7686★

Matter is sorted and closed.

(05 May '18, 19:49) vijju123 ♦♦5★

So they wont be dropping my ratings right??

(05 May '18, 19:51) vivek_19982996★

No. They wont. Codechef didnt send you any mail. Could be someone pranking you.

(05 May '18, 20:02) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Yeah u are right,i know who pranked me..

(05 May '18, 20:21) vivek_19982996★

Thanx for the revenge @vijju123 xD

(05 May '18, 20:29) vivek_19982996★


What revenge? I dont understand? :)

(05 May '18, 20:38) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I wonder what you guys are talking about xD

(05 May '18, 22:23) abdullah7686★

how to be innocent 101 @abdullah768

(06 May '18, 09:32) siddharthp5384★
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In Aug17 I was new to competitive programming.During Aug17 contest i had given my code to one of my friend. in 1 Feb 2018 i got an email that your have been Plagiarised in Aug17 and my ratings have been dropped and I accepted it.

But Now in April Long Contest My ratings have been dropped again saying you have been Plagiarised in Aug17. Again ? why........??????????? I have already paid for Aug17...Now Again for Aug17 ?????????? should i pay for my Aug17 mistake everytime...??? in every contest ???


answered 05 May '18, 13:41

sidraees's gravatar image

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@admin @vijju123 please do something

(05 May '18, 19:21) sidraees2★

Reply to @admin on that mail. If its a mistake from her side, she will rectify it. Dont panic! :)

(05 May '18, 19:50) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I received this mail and my ratings were dropped- We will be dropping your ratings and disqualifying all the submissions of January Cook-Off 2018 on grounds of using false practice during the contest. We found few of your codes similar with one another user. Here are the two solutions we found same.

If you open them you can clearly see that the other person's code was different from mine apart from variable names which were kept same as the question and reader(input) class which I had taken from GFG. So, @admin, @vijju123 please take a look at it and resolve this as soon as possible.


answered 05 May '18, 10:47

rahuldugar's gravatar image

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edited 05 May '18, 11:01

Why did you delete your answer yesterday? When @admin came for review you'd already deleted your answer.

(05 May '18, 19:40) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@admin, @vijju123 any updates...

(06 May '18, 14:33) rahuldugar6★

You didnt answer my question. I refuse to forward your request until I get a sufficient explanation. What if you delete it again by the time @admin takes time to check your issue out?

(06 May '18, 14:45) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I had actually sent to Codechef at Facebook this same message. So, then I felt that sending it twice would be weird and deleted it. But message on fb was not seen for sometime. So, I posted it here again.

(06 May '18, 14:47) rahuldugar6★

Ok. Fair enough. Though I guess its already seen if you sent on FB. Will ping her.

(06 May '18, 15:00) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@admin, @vijju123 any updates plz.... Also I would like to join this long in my division. So, if for now I submit in div2 then when this is resolved and my rating is restored, then will my submissions be transferred to div1?

(07 May '18, 16:54) rahuldugar6★

Participate as div2 for now. The division at time of participation matters.

(07 May '18, 17:03) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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The punishment is way too harsh. The dude who copied from me has been plagiarised for multiple contests. I know its my mistake that my code became public accidentally but still the punishment needs to be reduced. @vijju123 is there anything you can do about this? :')


answered 05 May '18, 00:14

sid_somani's gravatar image

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I dont even know the how the punishment is calculated. They will make it public in a blogpost soon though. Also , if the community suggests to @admin something, I am sure she will be willing to hear and implement. :)

(05 May '18, 00:18) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I got the mail on 24th March , saying you have been plagiarised for OCT17 long challenge . in october 2017 i participated for the first time on codechef or on any platform and i was not aware of that IDEone would make my code publicly visible ,back then i was beginner and code on ideone . i caught on plagiarism because someone copied my code , i have noticed that my code is submitted before the other person that the admin had mentioned. still admin replied me that "you have not abided by codechef rules" and removed my submissions of OCT17, i agreed but if my mistake was made on october ,i should have got the mail right after the contest but now they have dropped my rating and my hardwork of 5 months is shattered. if i got the mail on november or so i would either participate with new account or i have restored my rating in two months or so(getting 3star is not difficult for me). but now with reduced ratings i have to wait for like 3 months . but the real problem is have given my link of the account in my resume which i have forwarded to various companies, if they now see my ratings they will just disqualify me as i have given my old ratings in it . feeling completely shattered. help VIJJU


answered 04 May '18, 23:40

akshatsharma's gravatar image

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I am very sympathetical to your case dear, but nothing is in my hands. I can only ask you to plead more earnestly from @admin to pardon that case, nothing more. At the end of the day, in contests, I am also a regular contestant like you, being bound by plagiarism and contest rules. Hence, any decision in that field is out of my power. I can, at max, ask admin to read your answer here, but nothing more is in my hands. Its all upto you.

But yes, for the company thing, most of them also look over the rating graphs. So you need not worry of being dismissed due to false ratings, as its never fixed

(04 May '18, 23:49) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I have one suggestion for admin. In rating graph first show increased rating of last contest. And for decreasing rating make it as separate entry.

(04 May '18, 23:54) aryanc4035★

vijju please ask admin to see my comment here , i will be obliged to you.

(05 May '18, 00:25) akshatsharma4★

@ista2000 Don't take me wrong. "Rating ka bharta bann gaya xD" Cannot control laughter yet.

Meanwhile - (Before And After Smash of "Plagiarism Hammer" by admin)

View Content

answered 04 May '18, 23:18

aryanc403's gravatar image

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edited 04 May '18, 23:29


Thanks! I wanted to see the comparison between the distributions.

(05 May '18, 01:45) ista2000 ♦4★

They dropped my ratings although both were my own accounts.I gave them the explanation why i created two accounts back then still they dropped the ratings.Damn,My rating dropped because of my own code.@admin please look into this.I can prove you that they both were my account and i have an explanation why i created that.Please give back my ratings.It really feels embarassing when it is showing "Plagiarised in X competition" even when you didn't.


answered 04 May '18, 16:07

debabrata116's gravatar image

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Will ping them to see your case a bit more sympathetically.

(04 May '18, 16:50) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Thank you.@vijju123

(04 May '18, 16:51) debabrata1164★

I talked to them. You really ought to read contest rules! Participation in a contest with two accounts is a very serious offence, especially if you took reward from both of them. Leave ratings aside, it can be a reason to block your account as well.

However, @admin is willing to hear you out again. Please contact and mention your justification (which you gave earlier), link to your main account which you wish to keep, links to ALL alt accounts for suspension and a formal apology over the issue, with confirmation that you wont repeat the offence again.

(04 May '18, 17:19) vijju123 ♦♦5★

what the hell ?? Even my ratings are dropped !

(04 May '18, 18:46) msd_0071★

@vijju123, I did everything you said,But i have not gotten back my submissions.Also i have not gotten any replies.Any estimations how much time the process take?Or is there any way i can deactivate this account ? Thank you

(05 May '18, 20:54) debabrata1164★

It takes them some time to get back to you. If no reply comes within 3 days, bump again and PM me your support ticket ID.

(05 May '18, 22:42) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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so finally codechef developed a good plagiarism checker !

very good

many coders are working tirelessly to improve there skills

copying others code is a kind of cheating to them

codechef should suspend accounts of all those involved in multiple plagarism !


answered 04 May '18, 14:59

square_root_pi's gravatar image

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You have been stuck by what we call "Plagiarism Hammer".

I usually dont talk on these matters but for your case, I think I should make things clear.

When I did, I was literally surprised. The rating distribution bar chart changed its form completely.

What do you mean by surprised? EVERYBODY caught by the MOSS judge under plagiarism is sent a mail regarding that. @admin asks for their justification so that false positives are eliminated. You got the chance to prove your innocence.

And by the way, I did have a look at the codes. Only the variable names are different. In fact, it feels as if someone copied your solution and pasted it with variable names changed. We cannot call this "co-incidence".

However, in my case, it is still a mystery. I am penalised for an identical solution submitted by someone called @kapil_srivatsa, who lives in Chandigarh, over 1700 km away from where I live.

Admit it, this is pure nonsense. If this argument had any credit that "because of hundreds of km distance, they cant plagiarize my code" then we wouldn't be needing MOSS. In the age of Internet (and ideone) everything is just a few clicks away.

How on earth could he possibly obtain my code, when I code completely offline, on Netbeans, in my personal laptop.

Your case seems to strongly suggest that your made your code public at ideone or any other online compiler. Or perhaps sharing it with friends on any messaging device.

His submission date is 10.11.17 while mine is on 04.11.17. Even if someone has to be penalised, then why me? He used some unfair means (I don't know what) to obtain my solution and submitted it after almost a week.

Both are penalized because making solutions public like this does an irreparable damage to fairness and spirit of contest.

With due respect, if the argument you sent her was "We are so far, how can he copy my code?" then I can see why you were not spared. If your codes are found identical, its your responsibility to get in touch and provide strong evidence. If you feel you are innocent, get in touch with them and explain your PoV. Dont do that if its otherwise, with years of expertise she can easily distinguish between honest guys and liars.


answered 04 May '18, 14:08

vijju123's gravatar image

5★vijju123 ♦♦
accept rate: 18%

edited 04 May '18, 14:18

Ok, I admit distance doesn't matter. But isn't the punishment too harsh? For example, take a look at @hruday968, a division A coder whose rating is way below a beginner.

(04 May '18, 14:20) sarthakmanna6★

Today is the "Plagiarism Hammer" Day. I can see account all over with rating 0. Or ~ -500. Based on number of offences. Even the verdict of IOPC17 are being given now.

(04 May '18, 19:47) aryanc4035★

Plagiarism Hammer? I guess its more like wrath of thanos. Its like "With the infinity stones he can destroy half of the ratings with a snap of his fingers, just like that " xD. Anyways guys cheer up and try getting back to where you were as soon as possible :D.

(05 May '18, 20:19) soham12346★

Yeah, no use bring demotivated. Those who did reach that rating by hard work and were wrongly penalized can easily gain it back, because well, they did it once and it shouldn't be hard doing it twice.

Those who really did plagiarize are fucked(Thats a good thing and the honest people should be happy with that) xD

In reply to @soham1234 , "I don't feel so good" xD

(05 May '18, 20:31) ista2000 ♦4★

Dont worry wait for infinity war 2. Once avengers gets the gauntlet your ratings will be brought back XD

(05 May '18, 20:33) soham12346★

looks like the rabbit had another eye which it gave to the codechef devs and they too made a hammer like thor xD

(05 May '18, 21:08) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

LOL xD Those infinity wars references got me hard.

(05 May '18, 22:02) shraeyas3★

i am groot xD

(05 May '18, 22:47) soham12346★
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They dropped my ratings too. I gave them an explanation too still, they dropped my ratings. @admin this is not fair and please retrieve my ratings before the long starts.


answered 04 May '18, 13:56

hruday968's gravatar image

accept rate: 14%


I got plagiarised for something that wasn't cheating at all. My friend was submitting his code through my laptop but mistakenly submitted it through my account and then from his own. I wasn't participating in the contest, got a score of 10 in FEB long + rating drop.

(04 May '18, 20:47) rohitthapliyal3★

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