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My rating decreases suddenly

Hello admin my rating has decreased to 0 from 1717 due to plagiarism , and I am damn sure that I have done the two questions on my own in April cookOff 2018 without any cheating , infact I have never cheated in any of the contest. your plagiarism test is a pure shit . Please look in to this matter as early as possible it is not fair to decrease the rating suddenly without any reason.

asked 04 May '18, 22:27

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@vijju123, @admin should suspend accounts that have no manners and attempt to manipulate facts in order to get through their misdeeds!

(06 May '18, 21:09) arnavvarshney3★


You would have received an email from them regarding drop of your rating, in that email you would have also got one contact no. you can call on that no. and justify yourself if they think you are fare they may restore your rating.


answered 06 May '18, 09:10

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  1. Admin is not your home friend or something. Please maintain a formal tone.
  2. Given that it has caught the likes of you, I dont think "plagiarism test is a pure shit".
  3. Theres a thread on this issue going on. Seeing that you didnt even read the front page, I doubt that you would have read the contest rules as well. So , no surprise that you are penalized for something.
  4. You are penalized for October and February Long challenge, not April cook-off. :)
  5. A mail is sent to you when we detect your code for plagiarism. Stop acting and pretending as if "it happened very suddenly." You were given the mail on email ID registered with codechef. Depending on your justification, this decision was taken.

answered 04 May '18, 22:32

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