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How to deactivate codechef account

Hey, could someone know about how can I deactivate codechef account permanently or restart whole progress of codechef account because I want to start from begining, I sent a mail to admin but they are not replying.

asked 05 May '18, 16:13

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Method 1 and the easiest Method - Do get caught in plagiarism once more. You will be awarded zero rating on next "Plagiarism Hammer" Day. And you can start from beginning again.

Jokes Apart.

Method 2 and lengthy and time consuming method - Only @admin can deactivate account. A formal procedure is to write a mail to admin. And she will do it. We cannot deactivate our account. She may take time but will definitely do the work, may (not) reply to your mail.

Cheers :)


answered 05 May '18, 16:19

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edited 05 May '18, 16:31

After deactivation of account, will I able to make account with this username. Because I cant change my username, I loved it.

(05 May '18, 16:29) chhekur1★

Only @admin can confirm (answer) this. I think no you will not be able to take same username.

@ista2000 One more person loving his username.

(05 May '18, 16:34) aryanc4036★
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