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Help needed in LCM range query problem

Given an array A of N (N<=2*10^4) elements and Q(Q<=10^6) queries. Each array element A[i]<=60.

In each query you are given a number K (K<=N). Compute LCM for all subarrays of size K and report the smallest value of LCM found. Please suggest some approach for this problem.

asked 18 May '18, 23:06

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Please post the link of the question for which you ask for help. It makes for us easy to verify our approach, before answering the question.

(18 May '18, 23:49) sorb19974★

I tried storing precomputed results for subarrays of size<=sqrt(N) and for subarrays with size>sqrt(N), I used the brute force way but got TLE.

(18 May '18, 23:59) lakh3★

The tutorial for the problem. It is on right panel on codeforces under contest materials

(19 May '18, 05:27) fr4nkesti3n4★

I am looking for some other approach possible to solve this problem

(19 May '18, 08:29) lakh3★
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question asked: 18 May '18, 23:06

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