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Why this time COOK94B problems' difficulty level was so unevenly distributed?


The CHEFRUN question was a cake walk but rest were really very tough.

asked 21 May '18, 12:11

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edited 21 May '18, 12:14

@divik544 , I disagree here-

It was just that the 2nd problem(KMXOR) had some edge cases due to which many people got WAs. Still 300 people were able to solve that problem from Div2.

2.4k people participated in div2 , and only ~300 solved problem 2. This shouldnt be the case- as this highlights "Who finds easiest problem first and solves it" for ranks b/w 310-2407 - which is something setter must avoid.

While problem being difficult shows hard work of setter in making them, he should not forget that the combined problem set should satisfy the required constraints and difficulty curve, else contest isnt enjoyable- even though upsolving is.

I find it very common on codechef that, individual problems are very decent, but when you combine them into a problem set, there are issues like difficulty curve, or what not :(


answered 21 May '18, 18:55

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I completely agree with your point that it should'nt be who finds easiest first. I posted that considering the old system(without divisions) where usually 2nd problem gets ~800 ACs and if you see KMXOR combinedly(Div1+div2) you can see it got ~500 ACs. Considering Div2, yes the 2nd problem should be on a easier side.

(21 May '18, 23:13) divik5444★

I would suggest that the problems should be ordered according to difficulty as on codeforces.

(22 May '18, 00:16) lakh4★

Not really.

If you check previous cook-offs it was nearly same. It was just that the $2^{nd}$ problem(KMXOR) had some edge cases due to which many people got WAs. Still $300$ people were able to solve that problem from Div2. Other problems were as usual tough.


answered 21 May '18, 14:24

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edited 21 May '18, 14:25

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