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AFCP- A Competitive Programming Automation Package for text editor Atom.


For the past few days I have been working for an automation package for text editor Atom.

This started as a way to improve speed during contests and now I have decided to release this as a complete package.

Currently this package supports 3 sites - Codechef, Codeforces and Atcoder and only 1 language - C++ .

You can parse problems and their test cases using the contest code and also compile and generate the output for input files, simply by pressing a combination of keys.

Over time I will add support for more sites and languages (particularly Java and Python).

Link of the repository :- Link

Link on APM :- Link

Video on how to use the package on youtube - Link

The readme is written in a pretty comprehensive manner. However if you still face any issues, drop me a email at or open a issue in the repo itself (opening an issue is preferred, since other users might face the same issue).

Ps:- If you know JS and want to add a feature, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to accept any PR. Also any kind of feedback is appreciated.




Update 1:-

Added notifications based on whether the output is correct or not along with time taken by the program.


asked 21 May '18, 21:57

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edited 24 Jul '18, 21:30

Is python support available now?


answered 14 Dec '18, 21:55

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No. I didn't think that anybody else was using the package besides me. :D

I will try to add Python support to the package in the upcoming days.

(15 Dec '18, 11:59) horcrux23014★

Thanks. Looking forward for it.

(16 Dec '18, 18:26) farhantahir4★
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