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Need help with client machine learning project, keteki client.

I have a machine learning project which I am doing using tensorflow, but I want to focus in competitive programming hosting.

I am trying to build a machine learning system that creates rap music with vocals from scratch:
1) lyrics creator (its possible with deep writing)
2) music creator (using sounds from existing daws and music theory), I will help here.
3) voices using some package like festival
4) create a daw like something, that users can use to manoeuvre through the software, desktop and android.

You will get to work with aws instance to do it (its actually fun), not promising will have to create users I guess, have to ask the funding guy.
Timing can be like 2 - 3 hours per day for each module. Total project time is 200 hours per month. If we succeed here, we hope to pick more such projects.

I can share 1$ per hour for the project. Thanks!
You can send details to or you can reply here.

asked 22 May, 11:52

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