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How can i submit solutions to previous contests?

Is there a way by which one can submit solutions to earlier contest?

asked 06 Jun '13, 14:35

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edited 23 Jun '14, 15:22

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@palash_mittal : The questions from previous contests are moved to "Practice" section once the contest is over . If it is an external contest it is moved to "Peer" section of "Practice Section" . Otherwise it is moved to "Easy" , "Medium" or "Hard" section of the "Practice" section . The "Submit" link on contest page is be disabled after the contest , but the "Submit" link will always be enabled in the "Practice" section .


answered 06 Jun '13, 14:40

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So those old contest problems are in included in the practice section with same name?

(07 Jun '13, 13:22) palash_mittal4★

yes..with the same name and problem code.

(07 Jun '13, 13:23) kunal3614★

@palash_mittal Yes, old contest problems are included in the practice section with same name.

For instance check following example :

Contest Problem Link:

Practice Problem Link:

Just remove contest code (MAY13 in our case) from contest problem URL and you are done.

Hope it helps, Best Luck :)


answered 07 Jun '13, 13:28

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Thanks! Thats what i wanted to know.

(07 Jun '13, 14:56) palash_mittal4★

All earlier contest questions are added to practice section. You can submit your solutions their. Here is link to earlier contest editorials, it has link to problems in practice section.

Editorials Codechef Contest Problems

Hope it helps, Best Luck :)


answered 06 Jun '13, 14:43

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thanks for this link..did not know that it existed...:)

(06 Jun '13, 16:33) kunal3614★

We move every problem in the practice section.

The URL for a problem in the contest is of the form:<contest code="">/problems/<problem code="">

You just need to remove the <contest code=""> from the URL and you are good to go. The link of the problem in the practice section will be:<problem code="">

Let us know if you face more issues. You can also mail it to


answered 23 Jun '14, 15:21

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void main() { long int i,num,n,k; int count=0; scanf("%lu lu",&n,&k); for(i=0;i<n;i++) { if(num%k==0) { count++; } } printf("%d",count); getch(); }


answered 04 Sep '15, 22:35

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@vineetpaliwal @argonaut @admin

Earlier if we went to an old contest problem and clicked submit, we were redirected to the practice problem. Now, the submit button isn't available for old problem, which would be more convenient.

I tried removing the contest code from contest problem url.

It is working well for internal contests like cook-offs as well as old contests(when we had the submit button even after contest ended which redirected us to the submission of the problem in practice section). But not in case of external contests(recent).


Contest Problem Link: Practice Problem Link: (removing the contest code from the url)

Contest Problem Link: Practice Problem Link: (removing the contest code from the url) An error occurs: Attention Problem is not visible now. Please try again later.

This seems to be for all recent external contests(Since 28-10-2015) except "ICPC Preparatory Series" and "CodeMasters 1.0".


answered 11 Dec '15, 01:28

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edited 11 Dec '15, 02:54

All the previous questions are added in the Practice session once the cotest is over. You access them in that section!


answered 12 Dec '15, 14:18

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