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Worried with Python as my main language

Hi , I have started competitive coding recently and use python as my language to solve any problem when i first was confronted by a TLE i got to know that nobody actually uses python to code in cp so i am getting worried to shift to different language as i am comfortable with python? please suggest me that can i use python as my main language or shift to c++14

asked 30 May '18, 10:46

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C++ is a great language for competitive programming because of its fast speed, memory management, pointerss etc. Moreover C++ has STL(Standard Temporary Library) which has a great collection of data structures and algorithms and makes many algorithm easier to code. Python is a scripting language, though you can use it for CP(due to its abstract libraries). But python isn't allowed in many CP competitions like IOI. I suggest you shift to C++ in the beginning only as you would be comfortable later. My experience with c++ is great.


answered 30 May '18, 10:59

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