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Doubt Regarding CCDSAP Scholarship Discount for June Long Challenge

This is regarding the 100% discount feature for CCDSAP announced for June Long Challenge. The criteria for availing the scholarship for Div 2 is 400+ points and highest rank in institution. Here is my doubt, I am the only student in my institution(school) participating in the contest, in this case only if I get 400+ points, will I be able to avail the scholarship or is there a minimum amount of participants from an institution in order for the institution topper to be selected ?

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asked 09 Jun, 22:20

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As far as I know you will still get the scholarship if you score just 400+. There is no restriction to number of students participating or atleast there was no such restrictions when it was given the last time.

(09 Jun, 23:36) soham12346★

What if @admin originally didnt thought of it (and would have given scholarship regardless of participation from a college) but after reading your question she gets an idea and....? :p

(10 Jun, 14:19) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Is the limit 400 and above or strictly above 400?

(10 Jun, 18:58) dishant_185★

400 + university topper. :) . Wont hurt brute forcing a Q tho xD

(10 Jun, 20:10) vijju123 ♦♦5★

What if admin sets a criteria for minimum no of participants. And if someone really wants to claim scholarship. And then he does .... xD.

(10 Jun, 20:14) aryanc4035★

that would really hurt :( . I was expecting scholarship for the second time but only 3 participants participating in div1 from my college. :( But see it's not my fault is it? I don't think admin should keep participants restriction

(10 Jun, 20:16) soham12346★

I hope this time i receive the scholarship,last time despite being first in my college and satisfying all criteria i wasn't provided any scholarship :(

(10 Jun, 22:04) vivek_19982996★

A clarification he here does not mean to point on someone. It was used as pronoun.

(10 Jun, 22:07) aryanc4035★

I think it's not someone's fault if other students from his college don't participate... So I don't think doing that is good idea... cuz main motto of scholarship should be to encourage someone who does good.. so I think we should not make someone unhappy if he is alone participating from his clg while anyone else is not...

(10 Jun, 23:23) l_returns4★
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