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June challenge schlorship

I am the topper of my college in June challenge in div 1 but I did not fill the form of scholarship because any other student can come to the top and I do not want to add a wrong response to registration form so I wait until the contest end. But the form suddenly closes after the contest. So please add me to the form.

asked 11 Jun '18, 17:07

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Submit an email to and . I have forwarded your query to them as well. The form was for those who were interested in claiming the scholarship. Then if you were college topper, you'd get it. Regarding deadlines, it closes after the contest usually. Refer to previous contest's or their FB for that.

I will see where ever I can help you :)


answered 11 Jun '18, 17:43

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"but I did not fill the form of scholarship because any other student can come to the top" this is not your headache you just have to submit form they will check who came first anyone even who have not solve any problem can fill form(and this is legal). now the only way is to send details of form manually to admin by email and tell about why you have not filled form it depend on them what decision they will take.


answered 11 Jun '18, 17:21

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send codechef handle,name,college name,city(in which you want to give exam check available test cities).

(11 Jun '18, 17:25) abhi553★

But there is no closing date given on the form and this info should be provided in the form. where should I find the email od admin?

(11 Jun '18, 17:28) vipin14075★
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