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Whats map in python 3.5?

What is map in python 3.5?

asked 12 Jun '18, 01:25

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dict is like map . It is a hashtable rather than a b-tree


answered 12 Jun '18, 01:33

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$\texttt{map(f,A)}$ is a function that applies a function $\texttt{f}$ to a list $\texttt{A}$. For example you might see people do input reading by $\texttt{map(int,input().split())}$. Note that this is the alternative to using $\texttt{[int(x) for x in input().split()]}$.

There is actually a small difference between the two expressions. $\texttt{[int(x) for x in input().split()]}$ returns a list while $\texttt{map(int,input().split())}$ returns a generator, to make them equivalent do $\texttt{list(map(int,input().split()))}$.

Some examples of using map together with some other related functions.


answered 12 Jun '18, 03:53

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