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approach for BEERUS

Can anyone discuss their approach for this problem from this contest

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asked 13 Jun '18, 11:15

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edited 13 Jun '18, 11:16

The only catch in the problem was that (node(i) OR node(j)) + (node(i) AND node(j)) = node(i) + node(j).The rest is easy to figure out.


answered 13 Jun '18, 12:13

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Can you tell me where did you learn this property that A|B + A&B = A + B

(14 Jun '18, 12:48) ay23064★

From this I see that MST is a star with center in lightweight node. And weight MST = Sum{node_i} + (n-2)*node_0, node_0 - is lightweight node. Sum {node_i} - easy to get. But how to get weight of lightweight node?


answered 13 Jun '18, 19:51

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If you have $\displaystyle\sum_{i}^{} node_i$ it should be straightforward to obtain the weights for each node. $node_i = \frac{1}{n} * \left( gohan[i] + trunks[i] - \displaystyle\sum_{i}^{} node_i\right)$. Now just loop over all nodes and obtain the maximum.

(13 Jun '18, 21:58) fayaz_0075★
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