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somebody pls explain the author soln for shkstr question of june challenge

asked 13 Jun '18, 18:15

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i would be pleased if u add comment and explain by example @vijju123

(13 Jun '18, 18:16) gyanendra3713★

The author has used a solution which looks similar to this solution using tire .Have a note of the ascii values of '|' & '_' before looking into it []


answered 13 Jun '18, 18:56

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this link is not working

(13 Jun '18, 22:50) gyanendra3713★

Which part is unclear to you?

The addString function is kind of straightforward, although over-concisely done xD. The ptr variable is nothing but the node number. He is traversing the already added strings and adding character/nodes wherever applicable.

The query function is also simple. He will first traverse the try to $min(S.length(),Trie'sPathLength)$. If he didnt end up at a leaf node, he will go for the lexicographically smaller one. In simpler words, what he is doing is as

  1. If current character is in trie - Add it to ans and check for next one in children
  2. If the character is not present (or if entire string is found), break out and print lexicographically smallest (t.fin tells that a string ends with this character/node)

Theres actually nothing else to explain xD. What part is unclear to you?


answered 13 Jun '18, 21:05

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