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String question Can anyone give me some hint of this question?? Contest not running..

asked 14 Jun '18, 00:29

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edited 14 Jun '18, 00:30

The problem basically asks you are given a string, if you can choose a subset of characters such that when taken in same order as present in the main string they have same beginning and end character. This can be easily solved using bitmasking. I won't explain much. If you want you can have a look at my code. If you don't know bitmasking learn it and then attempt this.

 for(int mask=0;mask<(1ll<<n);mask++)
    if(mask==0) continue;
       string temp="";
        if(mask&(1ll<<i)) temp+=s[i];

        if(temp[0]==temp[temp.size()-1]) ans++;


answered 14 Jun '18, 01:37

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Got it..... thank you...

(14 Jun '18, 06:28) sna9020555★
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