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[closed] Plagiarism Help - False Positive MOSS

First of all i would like to say, i am really sry but i am kind of worried about false positive MOSS hit i got in May18B. I totally understand codechef team is busy but it has been over 14 days since i submitted my request for restoration of rank through mail but i received no reply yet. (and i was kinda scared of ending up like this guy -

According to the mail i received, the two solutions bellow were found same: (Mine) (Egors)

I would like to point out, that the solutions written by us are totally different and may have triggered the MOSS cuz of us using the same IO library (ya, i know we both didn't credit but i don't even remember where i got it from lol). A look at that those links can tell you that the time complexity of the solutions are different. (Mine is brute force and only passed 4 cases while egors passed all of them). Also, umm, the main code is totally different if you go into the main function.

At the end, i hope my ranking for May18B and solution will be restored.


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asked 14 Jun '18, 02:11

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closed 20 Jun '18, 12:37

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5★vijju123 ♦♦

Don't worry... If these are the solution links mailed to you, then you are absolutely safe. :)

And, hey, don't hate division 2!!! It's good to be down there for a while... Today, I kind of miss div2... ;)

(14 Jun '18, 02:41) sarthakmanna6★

Smruti is in process of replying. Bump her again and if no reply comes within a day tell me.

(14 Jun '18, 12:07) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@vijju123 I bumped her but no reply as of yet :\ Vijju, can you look into it?

(16 Jun '18, 17:43) debanjandhar124★

Sorry for delay. Will bump her.

(17 Jun '18, 18:22) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Thanks for the help, it got cleared and my rank was restored :D

(20 Jun '18, 12:35) debanjandhar124★

Prevention is better than cure xD . Glad it got resolved :)

(20 Jun '18, 12:37) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by vijju123 20 Jun '18, 12:37

I hope too that it will be restored. Because if it was cheating your solution should have passed all the test cases. Don't worry, the admin will reply over the same mail. They will not drop rating without reading justification if you have written before the stipulated time.


answered 14 Jun '18, 02:27

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