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string similarity

Suppose we are give two strings 'x' and 'y' of same length p (1 <= p <= 200000). Each string consists of atmost 3 distinct characters. These 3 distinct characters are same in both string. I want to find number of indices j such that x[j]=y[j] between a suffix of string 'x' of length l and prefix of string 'y' of same length l. I want to print answer for each l (1<=l<=p). For example: x : "dfgd" and Y : "gfdf". Answer for suffix of length 3 of string x and prefix of length 3 of string y is 1.I have to print answer for each l (1<=l<=p). Any suggestions?

asked 16 Jun '18, 00:30

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time limit ?? and how many test cases ??

(16 Jun '18, 00:42) l_returns5★

time limit is 2 seconds. For one test file, only inputs are two strings.

(16 Jun '18, 00:55) karan89970★
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