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Codeforces contest colliding with Codechef contest.

On 23rd june codeforces round is colliding with a rated contest in codechef. On 30th june again another codeforces contest is colliding with codechef lunchtime. Is it possible that the timings might be slightly changed that they don't collide? I'm sure many participants would like to give both contests and don't want to choose between the 2 especially since it is summer vacation and everybody has lot of free time.

asked 17 Jun '18, 19:45

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closed 18 Jun '18, 11:56

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4★vijju123 ♦♦

@vijju123 can you do something here ^^ ??

(18 Jun '18, 03:20) aryanc4036★

Atleast date of IOITC can be changed. #changeDate

(18 Jun '18, 04:01) aryanc4036★

@aryanc403 - I asked @admin to be more active on discuss for these things. I think we all agree shes trying her best here <3 :D

(18 Jun '18, 11:55) vijju123 ♦♦4★

@vijju123 I think issue will be resolved when we will see change in dates on contest page xD.

(18 Jun '18, 12:24) aryanc4036★

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ok. :p xD.

@admin- people trust their mods, not you :p. insert deal-with-it meme here xD

@praveenkumar12 - So sorry, I actually clicked report button isntead of re-open button. I made sure to compensate the karma lost :( . So sorry.

(18 Jun '18, 12:42) vijju123 ♦♦4★

Regarding the contest on 30th (lunchtime), I have requested Nikolay (KAN) to make the changes in the Codeforces round timings. For the IOITC contest, we will shift its date by a day.


answered 18 Jun '18, 09:55

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edited 18 Jun '18, 09:55


Thank you. I'm sure lots of people are happy for this change. Glad I got a positive response.

(18 Jun '18, 12:05) praveenkumar125★

I also think it would be good if you can sort things with makoto (rng_58) of Atcoder, regarding collision of regular contests of Atcoder and Codechef Lunchtimes. Because from my memory , I think I had to miss atleast 4 to 5 of previous 12 lunchtimes because of clash with atcoder regular contests.Since they use both Saturdays and Sundays for their contests. I think they might easily agree to move to Sunday especially on the week of Lunchtime. Do you think its possible??

(18 Jun '18, 12:26) teja3496★

@teja349: Yes, we have discussed this with Makoto in past and he had agreed for rescheduling. We will discuss any future issue with Makoto. Thanks for reporting though.

(18 Jun '18, 14:43) admin ♦♦0★

It seems Codeforces Round #492 is scheduled for 24th June and collides with IOITC contest again.

(18 Jun '18, 17:24) vsp46★

If admin changes IOITC date to 22 June.
16 June - CF 488
17 - Cook95
18 - CF 489
19,20 - Finally 2 holidays.
21 - CF 490
22 - IOITC
23 - CF 491
24 - CF 492

It's raining Season with 5 CC and 9 CF rounds in June. Expected probability a contest will start on a day in June'18 = 47% ( never seen such high probability).

(18 Jun '18, 17:38) aryanc4036★

Lol xD @admin ?

(18 Jun '18, 18:08) vijju123 ♦♦4★

@aryanc403 on 19th and 20th you may participate in hackerrank (week-38) or hacker earth june circuit, guess no holidays this summer!!

(18 Jun '18, 19:13) njha19994★
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Hi All, We have decided to change the date to Friday same time.


answered 19 Jun '18, 17:24

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edited 19 Jun '18, 17:31

@admin as it has been pointed out the problem isn't resolved but just shifted. There's another Codeforces contest on 24th. So I guess 22 will be the correct day to host contest.


answered 18 Jun '18, 19:23

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@admin #changeDate

(19 Jun '18, 01:50) aryanc4036★

@admin Can we prepond IOITC?? Currently homepage shows 23, Contest page 24. And on both days we have Codeforces round. #changeDate


answered 19 Jun '18, 16:34

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