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[June Cook-Off 2k18] Is this a valid algorithm/approach to solve Good Permutations Problem ?

Hello, I was trying to solve the 2nd most solved problem in the June cook-off 2k18 contest, even though I believe my approach is valid however still i would like to seek your review and suggest me any better approach or flaw in my existing approach, I will not be posting entire code but just basic algorithmic idea. My code isn't getting accepted (WA) probably due to side cases, and since I urgently want to know the validity of my approach I'm posting it here.

APPROACH (for the single test case)

  1. input N, K
  2. input an array ARR of size N
  3. scan the ARR for 0s and create another array "indices" that will store index i , where ARR[i] is 0
  4. replace 0s in ARR by unused numbers ( for example [2,0,0] becomes [2,1,3] ) (I'm not going into detail of how this is done)
  5. Permute the array "ARR" for only those indices where 0 was replaced by another value using the call to the method given below

here, in the first ever call to permute, beg = 0 and end = ind.size()-1 where k is mentioned in the problem statement of the question. Time complexity of the permute method is O(N^2 * fact(N))

If in case anyone is interested to check out entire code for further detail, please check this out

If the algorithm is not clear please do let me know so I can write it more clearly.

asked 19 Jun '18, 17:16

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