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Help in CF Problem Round 489 Prob B

I don't know why my solution is giving WA. Though it is not the approach given in the editorials still I can't figure out where my solution is wrong.

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asked 19 Jun '18, 22:23

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Your assumption that if xy is a perfect square then root of it will be a valid pair seems wrong. In the 15th test case where you are getting wrong answer (r,r) is not a valid pair. So i modified that statement to
r==xy && __gcd(r,r)==x) ans--;
The output comes 16 now. Try to resumbit it now


answered 19 Jun '18, 23:11

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__gcd(r,r) will be r which may or may not be equal to x but outside the loop you are checking r*r==xy then subtracting 1 from ans but (r,r) may not have been taken into account.


answered 19 Jun '18, 23:15

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