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Hackerrank Question

Your Implementation of was absolutely correct but the reason for some failing cases was the following block of code:

  node x = nodes[nn.dest].get(i);
  if(dist[nn.dest]+x.dist< dist[x.dest] )
          dist[x.dest] = dist[nn.dest]+x.dist;
              long r = (dist[nn.dest]%k);
              dist[x.dest] += k-r;
          node xx = new node();

You are adding the extra waiting time only after you have considered that the current path is shorter than the path , What I mean to say is that you are not adding the extra waiting time before putting elements in your queue.

Let us consider an example , suppose you reach a node at time t = 4 and the weight of the edge that you will be traversing is just 1 unit. Now suppose that the traffic light is red at t = 4 when you reached the node , but since you do not consider the extra waiting time during the if(dist[nn.dest]+x.dist< dist[x.dest] ) statement , your code fails on some cases

I modified your code , check it. I just did the following modification to your code:

         long tempp = 0;
             long r = (dist[nn.dest]%k);
              tempp += k-r;
           if(dist[nn.dest]+x.dist + tempp < dist[x.dest] )
            dist[x.dest] = dist[nn.dest]+x.dist + tempp;

                node xx = new node();


Since we now consider the extra waiting time in the variable tempp , It passes all the cases where it failed. I hope I was Able to help you , you can check a neat implementation of this question in c++ here. Thank You !


answered 05 Jul '18, 16:46

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I got it thnx

(06 Jul '18, 09:47) kjs11241★
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