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Need Help in a question

Given Q queries, with each query consisting of two integers L and R, the task is to find the total numbers between L and R (Both inclusive), having atmost two set bits in their binary representation.

Q<=10^5 L,R<=10^18

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asked 11 Jul '18, 12:22

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This can be solved using Pre-computation(which will generate numbers with at-most 2 set bits in binary representation and then using binary search on the generated numbers.

As the numbers are in the range of 10^18 , there can be at-most 60 bits in its binary representation. So use 2 loops (i,j) for simulating those values and then insert the generated number in a set (which maintains the sorting order) and then use binary search on the given ranges to find the answer which will surely fit within the time limit .


answered 11 Jul '18, 14:39

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Thank you, got it. I should spend more time before asking.

(11 Jul '18, 15:03) sagar_sam4★
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