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Negative run time !

What does a negative run time for a challenge problem signify ?? @vijju123 pls reply !

asked 11 Jul, 22:44

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edited 12 Jul, 12:02

Ok. Sorry, noticed this Q right now. Will ask @admin

(12 Jul, 19:16) vijju123 ♦5★

No problem bro ! Actually I have asked this Q even on the contest page , but the setter said to ignore it and also said that the verdict ( WA ) is correct !

(12 Jul, 20:05) furious__5★

@admin is looking into it, but afaik the verdict of WA given is correct. Will get back to you when I get more details.

(13 Jul, 10:11) vijju123 ♦5★

Thank you bro !

(13 Jul, 10:58) furious__5★

I too was getting wa verdict with -1 time,then i realised that my code was incorrect.Correct your code,u wont recieve these things,simple.

(13 Jul, 11:18) vivek_19982996★

Thank you @vivek_1998299 !

(13 Jul, 12:11) furious__5★
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