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Negative run time !

What does a negative run time for a challenge problem signify ?? @vijju123 pls reply !

asked 11 Jul, 22:44

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edited 12 Jul, 12:02

Ok. Sorry, noticed this Q right now. Will ask @admin

(12 Jul, 19:16) vijju123 ♦4★

No problem bro ! Actually I have asked this Q even on the contest page , but the setter said to ignore it and also said that the verdict ( WA ) is correct !

(12 Jul, 20:05) furious__4★

@admin is looking into it, but afaik the verdict of WA given is correct. Will get back to you when I get more details.

(13 Jul, 10:11) vijju123 ♦4★

Thank you bro !

(13 Jul, 10:58) furious__4★

I too was getting wa verdict with -1 time,then i realised that my code was incorrect.Correct your code,u wont recieve these things,simple.

(13 Jul, 11:18) vivek_19982996★

Thank you @vivek_1998299 !

(13 Jul, 12:11) furious__4★
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i never had this problem before. but i have a good solution for you!: in challenger problem you must write your code in some level. so if your code have bug or else, you can find it easily! for example you can divide your solution in 5 phase. then write first phase and you get 30points... then extend it and write second phase but you have bug! so you can find why you have this bug!


answered 11 Jul, 23:40

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edited 11 Jul, 23:40

I didn't get you !

(12 Jul, 00:04) furious__4★
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