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Innerve summer code challenge

Innerve is organising online coding competition - Innerve Summer Code Challenge (ISCC). Contest link :

asked 14 Jul '18, 12:24

innerve's gravatar image

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I think having a score based ranklist in a long contest makes more sense.

(15 Jul '18, 20:15) nileshjha192★

Contest Page not working @admin @vijju123


answered 26 Jul '18, 10:15

pieliedie's gravatar image

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Is this a rated contest?


answered 15 Jul '18, 09:47

piyushmaurya's gravatar image

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Where can we discuss issues related to the contest ? This contest seems to have many.

Will editorials be posted ?


answered 25 Jul '18, 09:53

mathprogrammer's gravatar image

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I am sorry but I don't think there is much issues related to contest.I have solved first 8 problems out of 10 and you have solved the 9th one.I don't know whether last problem has any issues or not as I haven't read that question yet.But in first 9 problems questions are pretty clear and if someone is getting wrong answer then the user is simply missing corner cases.

(25 Jul '18, 14:10) rajankur5★

THanks, question 9 can be solved with the help of a merge sort tree. I shall post my solution on GitHub if you want to refer it. :)

I am not able to remove errors to Lottery Money and Mathematical Game. :\

(26 Jul '18, 21:30) mathprogrammer3★

Can anybody help me in finding the bug in my code for question MCQ games? Link to my code is . I have used (a/b)%mod=(a*pow(b,mod-2))%mod. @vijju123


answered 26 Jul '18, 19:22

droy0528's gravatar image

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Your code is perfect. But the test files are not. According to the test files, I don't know why, you should print '1' if k is 1.

The logically wrong code which fetches an AC:

Again, it's not your fault, and congrats for solving it.

(26 Jul '18, 19:33) sarthakmanna6★

Thanks for the information @sarthakmanna.

(26 Jul '18, 19:40) droy05285★

we should print 1 for k=1 because each question has 1 choice...the one person will always tick that 1 option and will always be correct..In short when k=1 there can-not be a wrong answer for any question and hence 1 person is enough to solve all.

(26 Jul '18, 20:28) swapnil1595★

According to the question, our task is to "determine the sum of total number of players who has attempted ith question for all (1<=i<=N)".

Also, in the explanation section, it is explained as "1st question is attempted by 27 players,second by 9 and third by 3 players.So, the sum of total number of players is(27+9+3)=39. The answer will be 39%(10^9+7) = 39".

Similarly, for k = 1, we can explain as,
1st question is attempted by 1 player.
2nd question is attempted by 1 player.
Sum = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +... = n

Hope its clear, @swapnil159

(26 Jul '18, 23:25) sarthakmanna6★

Oh!! Okayy..My bad...forgot the summation..Thanks!! @sarthakmanna Too many confusions in the competition though.

(27 Jul '18, 09:53) swapnil1595★
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