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What should i do ?

i am really good at writing algorithms (pseudo code)...but i am not able to implement it properly. i am still in the learning c++. what do i do to be a master this skill reply soon.............. with regards apotheosis321

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asked 11 Jun '13, 17:13

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Practice.. practice.. practice hard till you master it... There is no other way I guess..

Warning: As you are a beginner, never use an IDE which provide features like code completion. Just write code on plain editors. If you get any doubt, just google it. There are many programming sites to help you., stackoverflow, etc

While writing code, try to understand, each line in the code, question yourself , why you are writing so, and this way, you will be clear of the constructs and syntax of the language you are using. Hope this helps..


answered 11 Jun '13, 17:23

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I am also a beginner and generally code in C, and currently developing on my algorithmic skills.

You're saying that you write algorithms for program easily, but encounter problem in implementing it into your programs, so my advice would be to write a lot of code on online competitive sites and you have to know the syntax and other features of a programming language before you move forward. So, first, try to learn a language the best you can by going through some books like Sumita Arora, C++ Complete Reference or C++ Object Oriented Programming by E. Balagurusamy and learn by programming the basic example-type problems given in them. Then, move forward and show your algorithmic skills by implementing those algorithms into c++ programs by practising on codechef(as in my case).

and in case you need help with general concepts regarding c++ just refer to above-mentioned books or some sites like

As far as I know, there is no alternative to writing code. So, just start with it and practice the hell out of it!!! Best of Luck! Happy Coding !!


answered 11 Jun '13, 17:26

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