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Innerve summer code challenge

Hi, I am new to codechef. I have a problem with the solution submission. While I am running my code in my system the code executes correctly without an error but when im submutting the code it is showing runtime error. can anyone help me with this?

thanks in advance.

asked 17 Jul '18, 21:57

nagarjunareddy's gravatar image

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Nope. Welcome in advance. Bounded by rules of codechef. But you can check forum to know common reason for that run time error.

(17 Jul '18, 22:05) aryanc4035★

I am also facing the same problem. The code compiles on idle but shows runtime error after submission

(17 Jul '18, 22:23) ayushomi0071★

You cannot disscus questions while contest is going on:)

But surely will help when contest ends.And yep go though forum's try to relate it with your problem to help u.

Happy coding.


answered 17 Jul '18, 22:15

krishyadav007's gravatar image

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@ayushomi007 Yes this happens as you have a time limit of 1 or 1.5 secs whereas you have a time limit of 5 secs on IDE

(17 Jul '18, 22:40) krishyadav0072★
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