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JULY18B Wrong Plagiarism blame

Today I received an email that I have been caught in wrong practices in July Challenge Div2. I have been caught earlier in such a practice and at that time I knew I was wrong. But this time I did not indulge in any of the practices that could violate Codechef code of conduct. I have been provided with a same solution submitted by a user whom I don't even know! that User : noob_coder1207 In that code each and everything is same even the comments are same. I don't know how this guy got my code when I don't even know him/her. This time I had put a lot of efforts to solve problems. Kindly help !!

asked 20 Jul '18, 17:56

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You used ideone or any other online IDE?


answered 20 Jul '18, 18:47

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(20 Jul '18, 21:17) ashwini2341★

@admin be like - "Why is it that whenever theres a plagiarism case, its always this IDE?" :p

(20 Jul '18, 21:34) vijju123 ♦♦4★

What does this mean? Would nothing be entertained? @vijju123

(20 Jul '18, 23:02) ashwini2341★

If your code is public on ideone, no. Nothing will be entertained then.

(20 Jul '18, 23:03) vijju123 ♦♦4★

Ok that's great!! time to leave Codechef! :)

(20 Jul '18, 23:09) ashwini2341★

I see you have been caught for plagiarism before. What happened that time?

(20 Jul '18, 23:11) vbt_954★

That time I had cheated!

(20 Jul '18, 23:14) ashwini2341★

Ok leave codechef immediately.

(20 Jul '18, 23:15) aryanc4035★

you better not give advice @aryanc403 see to your own matter and don't jump into others' matters. If u don't know the matter properly kindly shut your f***ing mouth!

(20 Jul '18, 23:19) ashwini2341★

Ok that's great!! time to leave Codechef! :)

Rules are rules. If you CANNOT abide by them, please leave immediately. I refuse to entertain this sass against the code of conduct.

I am not saying you cheated, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but if your code became public- and if somebody found it and submitted, you did violate the contest spirit. So rule stands correct.

(21 Jul '18, 00:36) vijju123 ♦♦4★

@ashwini234 Your case here is not new here.
Links shared to you on mail-
Codechef Code Of Conduct -> read point no 5.
Extract from The Cheating Cases Saga
A repeat of this offence will result in permanent ban of the account. Ignorance of the Code Of Conduct is not going to fetch you any reprieve!

I'm sorry to say but you seriously need to read them before posting anything further here.

July'18 HomePage -> read last lines.

Try to use search feature of forum. Give forum a search with keywords -
1. How to use forum.
2. Plagiarism

Current charges on you as of now -
1. Plagiarism
2. Abusing other community member.
3. Releasing name of (Whom you think copied your soln) without his consent or without hearing his side.

And all charges are very serious offence here and against CodeChef code of Conduct.
And Why I should not ask @admin to not suspend you on basis of point no 2.

If u don't know the matter properly kindly shut your f***ing mouth!

What is there in this matter which you have to say but you have not posted on this page except sharing links of your submission which was caught by MOSS.

(21 Jul '18, 00:36) aryanc4035★
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