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please find the mistakes in code and edit the error in the line and show me please

include <stdio.h>


void main() { signed char ch=`c'k;//signed char(or)simply char short int si=5; int i=6,r;//signed int(or)simply int long int li=7;//long int(or)signed long int float f=5,6,j; doouble d=7,8,l; unsigned int ui=-3; clrscr(); printf("Initialization values \nch%c\n si=%hd\n i=%d\n li=%ld\n f=%f\n d=%f\n ui=%u\n",ch,si,i,li,f,d,ui); r=89, j=32.5; k=ch; i=d; printf("assignment values \n r=%d\n j=%f\n k=%c\n i=%f\n",r,j,k,l) getch(); }

asked 10 Aug, 22:43

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