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PROSORT 2018 Esya2018 IIIT Delhi

I think there is some bug with problem A. Problem Link

Consider these two links

link1 This one is giving me WA.

link2 This got me AC.

These solutions are exactly same except a fixed keyword which does nothing but prints fixed number of digits after decimal point. It shouldn't give any sort of error.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

asked 18 Aug '18, 12:24

arjitkansal's gravatar image

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edited 18 Aug '18, 12:31

Without using fixed, setprecision defines the total number of digits to be printed, not the total number of digits after the decimal point. If the answer is greater than 10^4, the number of digits printed in decimal is less than the precision required, giving you a wrong answer.


answered 19 Aug '18, 13:56

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Thanks bro :)

(25 Aug '18, 20:27) arjitkansal6★
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