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Wrong submission for Mix Mix Game

For August LunchTime Mix Mix Game(

After seeing the editorial explanation, my approach was to find if

  1. for first turn check if adding or subtracting of a number leads to z1 or z2
    • if so, player 1 wins
  2. for second turn, choose a pair of number from the array, say "a" and "b"
    • calculate a+b, a-b, -a+b, -a-b
    • check if any one of them is equal to z1 or z2
    • if so, then second player wins
  3. Else tie

Here I have implemented my logic. Where am I doing wrong?

asked 27 Aug '18, 18:59

ujjaldas1997's gravatar image

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I didn't read code, but with given explanation, this should be wrong case for your appraoch:

$n=2, Z_1=5, Z_2=5$

$A$={$2, 3$}

In this case answer is Tie: first player can put $-3$ and copy next moves of second player.


answered 27 Aug '18, 19:48

allllekssssa's gravatar image

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Because of my wrong interpretation, I had a series of wrong submission XD. Thanks man, you saved my day.

(27 Aug '18, 21:51) ujjaldas19972★
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