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September Mega Cookoff , Hey sparky ....

Hello community,

I know in September Mega Cookoff we had a lot of difficulties in submitting the solutions or seeing things. But somewhere,we were responsible for this event. There were at least 3000+ people participating in the contest. According to few photos and generally what all of us might have done is open too many of tabs(each consisting of codechef website).I have seen people opening 15 tabs in yesterdays contest.

Even this might be the effect of "CodeChef API Hackathon".People are creating many projects related to subbmisions and ranklist this might have caused a traffic on codechef .So to figure out who is human and not a bot they might have did this have created "Hey sparky....".For they had already took precautions by removing "practice" and "discuss" from server.

When it come's to codechef's capability of hosting ACM ICPC online round.I guess there is no chance of questioning it .It has been improving from its mistake and keep will improving.

Team codechef is too small.I have seen that, how hard They team works in limited resources.

If it happens again then only we have right to Critize it.

All the best Team codechef.

Waiting for an official statement.

asked 24 Sep '18, 13:57

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I kind of disagree here a lot.

If it happens again then only we have right to Critize it.

Its not first instance. Such things happened in past and are happening still. People HAVE a right to criticize codechef for it. Sorry, but credit and blame both must be given where due.

We all appreciate codechef which is why we even bother giving it feedback instead of simply leaving the site for good. Yes, the team is short, and the resources are limited, but mistakes have happened in past due to it and they should get over with it now. If they are still at same problems for same reasons then theres a problem in my opinion. For which criticism is completely due.

But somewhere,we were responsible for this event. There were at least 3000+ people participating in the contest.

I will definitely not put this blame to contestants. I personally HAD to open 5 tabs for statements (coz idk when else I'd get a chance to even read them!) another 3 for submit pages as it wasnt loading properly and 1 for ide. Its an after effect of initial poor performance of server, not vice versa. Also, the site SHOULD be expected to host at least $3000$ people. Sites like codeforces support over $5000$ users usually with lot less issues. Codechef wasnt made last month, its been over 8 years since its inception and I want you to know that we have expectations that it'd be good enough to accomodate $3000$ people at a time, especially given that during snackdown the number of teams crosses $12,000$.

Nobody here is blaming codechef as if its causing the end of the world, they are simply expressing their frustration that they were let down in yesterday's contest. It should be taken constructively. People have a right to criticize where its due.


answered 24 Sep '18, 14:38

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Sometimes, no of people on CF reach ~9k. And afaik CC is ~1 year older than CF.

(24 Sep '18, 17:12) aryanc4035★
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