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need help in FLIPCOIN segment tree problem on CODECHEF

Can someone tell me what is wrong in my implementation of lazy propagation in this PROBLEM. If my lazy node is 1 then that segment needs to be flipped and if 0 then no change. I am just able to pass sample test case. Someone please help:) CODE.

asked 02 Oct '18, 14:27

pavitra_ag's gravatar image

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HERE is your accepted solution...

Your bug is


Should be

$lazy[node*2]=!$ $lazy[node*2]);$
$lazy[node*2+1]=!$ $lazy[node*2+1];$


answered 02 Oct '18, 16:55

l_returns's gravatar image

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edited 02 Oct '18, 17:03

@l_returns Thanks for the help. Sorry for the delay. Can you please suggest some problems on segment tree to practice from basic to intermediate level :)


answered 04 Oct '18, 18:15

pavitra_ag's gravatar image

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You are welcome :)
You need questions on lazy propagation or simply on segment tree ?

(05 Oct '18, 00:20) l_returns5★

simply on segment tree would be great sir

(05 Oct '18, 01:00) pavitra_ag4★
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