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Invitation to Code Crusade by IIT Bhilai. Prizes worth Rs.35,000

Hello Codechef Community,

Codificaso, The Coding club of IIT Bhilai invites you to participate in Code Crusade, The coding competition of our first Techno-Cultural Fest, Meraza'18.

The contest will be an ACM style contest and will consist of 5 problems.


Prizes worth Rs.35,000 will be distributed among top Indian Contestants. You need to register here in order to be eligible for prizes.

1) Rs.10,000

2) Rs. 7,000

3) Rs. 4,000

4) Rs. 2,000

5) Rs. 2,000

Contestants (6-10) will be given benefits worth 2,000 each

Good Luck, See you on the leader board.

Announcement- Contest Starts in 1 hour 30 minutes.

After Contest-Thank You for participation. Sorry for the inconvenience caused because of the wrong problem statement of QUERARR. I have told codechef to rejudge submissions that were made before the announcement. We will contact the winners soon. We will also upload the editorial soon. Have a Good Night.

asked 07 Oct '18, 16:19

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edited 09 Oct '18, 00:07

Hey, I was 10th Indian but I forgot to fill up that form.

(11 Oct '18, 12:52) abdullah7685★

Message me your details(Name, email ID, codechef Handle, College) at

(11 Oct '18, 13:18) ruskinmanku4★

I've sent it!

(11 Oct '18, 19:37) abdullah7685★

When will the problems be moved to practice section ? Also can someone help me know where my solution of JAMOORA is wrong ( here is the solution )


answered 09 Oct '18, 02:33

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anyone please ?

(10 Oct '18, 11:34) spam_1233★
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