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how to solve MARVEL BOX?

problem link. Can someone please share their approach.

asked 11 Oct, 07:46

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there are only 2 cases possible



for 1st:

so lets just go through all possible x,

find number of ways such that a+b+c=x,lets say it is val

so ans of first type ans1=((no.of.x)C3)*val

for 2nd:

lets just go through all possible x,

find number of ways of ways of choosing 4 numbers a,b,c,d such that ((a+b)=x and (c+d)=x) or ((a+c)=x and (b+d)=x) or ((a+d)=x and (b+c)=x)

let this be val3

so ans of second type ans2=((no.of.x)C2)*val2


try thinking of some dp for val,val3.....

(11 Oct, 22:44) vivek_19982996★

can you explain the dp states? I tried but didn't get it :(

(19 Oct, 20:44) pk3013★
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