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Practicing Algorithms

I started using codechef just a few months ago. Should I practice on other sites(topcoder,projecteuler) as well?? Or is practicing on codechef alone is sufficient ??

asked 17 Jun '13, 23:31

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@sg1993 One thing i want to say that "there is no word sufficient in programmers world" , so do whatever your mind want , do programming where ever you want , its all your decision.

From my opinion codechef , topcoder , spoj , codeforces , are best to gear up your programming skills , and projecteuler is also an interesting platform to sharp your mathematical skills .

Make a routine and keep practicing and best of luck. Learn Basic and Advanced Data Structure first from and find their real life implementations over here on codechef or on topcoder , spoj , codeforces.

Happy Coding!!!

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answered 18 Jun '13, 00:08

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thanks @upendra1234.

(18 Jun '13, 00:29) sg19932★
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