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[Poll] Do you want an extension in Oct. Long??

We all know what issues Oct. long challenge faced. I made two comments one for the motion and other against the motion. Do upvote one of them.

Other soln can be discussed in comments.

Upd - I cannot vote. But My vote goes for end ASAP.

asked 17 Oct '18, 01:23

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accept rate: 10%

edited 17 Oct '18, 01:32


I want an extension.

(17 Oct '18, 01:23) aryanc4035★

Contest should end ASAP.

(17 Oct '18, 01:23) aryanc4035★

Maybe rolling back to the standings at the original end of the contest and ignore the challenge problem entirely could be an option?

(17 Oct '18, 09:31) algmyr7★

I'd have voted for an extension, if this were any other long challenge. But this week is the Durga Puja week, and so I can't utilise the extension at all. :(

(18 Oct '18, 02:17) sarthakmanna6★

Why not just freeze submissions on everything other than the challenge problem.

(18 Oct '18, 12:07) abdullah7686★

End Contest ASAP. Don't count in submission for Challenge Problem. And Provide Ratings. One more thing don't make this contest unrated XD


answered 18 Oct '18, 12:25

harrypotter0's gravatar image

accept rate: 1%

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