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SPREAD2 sigsegv error

why was this solution showing a sigsegv error when I used a prefix sum array to solve the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

asked 17 Oct '18, 10:29

eaugene's gravatar image

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The only reason i can see is int overflow just make array presum i.e. a and variable i long long. The overflow is causing your variable i to go less than 0 which will make -ve array indexing and hence RE.I guess you will get the idea :)


answered 17 Oct '18, 12:14

ram_24's gravatar image

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Thanks @ram_24 . A silly mistake costed me 19 penalty attempts.

(17 Oct '18, 15:35) eaugene4★

Yes, the problem occurs at line 21 in your code. If the input is large and value of 'i' gets above INT_MAX, 'i' overflows for next iteration and the indexing gets disturbed ! Hence SIGSEGV.


answered 17 Oct '18, 12:54

ayush_0101's gravatar image

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Thank You @ayush_0101 .

(17 Oct '18, 15:36) eaugene4★
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