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Explain the meaning of the problem SURCHESS

I was trying to solve the problem supposing that I have to choose a square sub-board of the given chess board from either top-left side or bottom-right side.

But in the problem it is given:

A sub-board of Chef's chessboard is a rectangular piece of this board with an arbitrarily chosen top left and bottom right cell (possibly equal to the original chessboard). Every sub-board is also a chessboard.

So what exactly is said in the problem, by "arbitrarily chosen top left and bottom right cell", can anyone explain it with some example.


asked 20 Oct '18, 18:06

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it mean that chessboard size can be of any height, breath.

(20 Oct '18, 21:44) jvjplus2★

say rectangle's top left=(1,0) and bottom right(5,5) now 4 verices of rectangle are TOP_LEFT(1,0) TOP RIGHT (1,5) BOTTOM LEFT (5,0) BOTTOM RIGHT (5,5)

we can uniquely determine a rectangle by these 2 points. also top-left.x<=bottom-right.x&&top-left.y<=bottom-right.y


answered 20 Oct '18, 21:53

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